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We are looking for Electronic or Telecommunication engineers. Preferred:
• Knowledge of Earth Observation area.
• Informatics Knowledge in particular for network configuration and administration
• Experience GS and ILS&OPS activities

Short description of the activities that will be performed: input documentation, activities and output to produce for the ground segment of an optical observation satellite:

• ILS&OPS Masterplan
• ILS&OPS Schedule
• Mission Operation Concept Document
• Satellite Schedule that include also GS detailed schedule
• ILS&OPS Specification, GS Specification
• S&R Plan, SOV Plan, SVT Plan, LEOP Plan and SOE, Commissioning Plan, Personnel Plan, Training Plan, ILS Tools Plan, FOP & GOP Procedures and MSDB Maintenance Plan,
• Operational Analysis

The resource will support ON-AIR during the ILS&OPS development and validation including the participation of the below activities, issue of the output documentations. The support will be integral part of the ON-AIR Team

The following documents are the typology (not completed) that can be produced, or support to issue, in the frame of ILS&OPS activity, by the resource.
• Mission Operations Requirements DVCM (or VCD)
• Contribution Mission Operational Concept Document
• Commissioning test procedure for ILS&OPS Part
• Contribution to issue the GOP Test Specifications
• Contribution to issue Satellite Commissioning Test Cases and Procedures
• Contribution to issue the SOV Test Procedures
• Contribution to Issue the relevant Test Report for the test and validation activities
• ILS&OPS Master Schedule for each Satellite project review and ILS&OPS specific review
• ILS&OPS Risk to contribution at Satellite Project Risk Report
schedule for ILS&OPS Team during SVT, SOV, S&R, LEOP and Commissioning

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